Hive's Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are regular web applications/pages designed to look and function like native mobile applications.

PWAs use features of web browsers and advanced enhancement strategies to give users a native app-like experience on any device.

In short, a progressive web app fuses the look, feel, and ease of use of an app

Download Apps

Desktop, Tablet or Phone


Open your Chrome browser on any device or OS.

  1. Go to
  2. At the top right of the address bar, click Install .
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the PWA.


Open Vivaldi browser on any device or OS.

  1. In a tab, open
  2. While the site is open in the active tab, right-click on the tab on the Tab Bar.
  3. Select Install Hive from the context menu.
  4. Click Install in the small pop up asking you to confirm your action.


Open Safari browser on any Apple product.

  1. Visit
  1. Click “File > Share”.
  2. Select “Add to Dock”

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

Despite being limited in tapping into a device’s native capabilities, here are some of the most prominent advantages:

  • Reliability: They can be used offline and provide a stable experience despite network conditions.
  • Security: User information is secure on PWAs as every progressive web app must have SSL certificates.
  • Speed: Thanks to caching through service workers and tapping into a device’s resources, progressive web apps offer a fast and seamless experience.
  • Engagement: PWAs integrate well with the web and devices, making them easy to interact with.

Another significant advantage of PWAs is users can save them on their home screens without the hassle of downloading.

This allows the PWA to load faster the next time it’s used.

Branded community sites

More than 1,000 creators and businesses across the world trust Hive

All Types of Hive Communities

Just Like Yours

Customer Communities


Cultivating a vibrant community holds significant potential for any brand. Embed your community directly within your product or website.

Membership Communities


Craft a membership experience that is unique. Subscriptions, restricted access to exclusive content, premium mastermind groups, paid newsletters, and more.

Coaching Communities


Offer group coaching sessions, valuable resources, real-time chat support, and a platform where your clients can engage with you on your preferred terms.

Brands & Startups

Brands & Startups

Establishing a dedicated community represents a formidable asset for any brand. Seamlessly incorporate your community directly into your website.

Course Communities

Course Communities

Build your course, grow your business, and engage your members

Clubs & Organisations

Clubs & Organisations

Bring people together to organise, share ideas, run events, and collaborate.

Why Should I Use A Progressive Web App

One reason users love apps is they generally offer better experiences than web applications. However, developing and maintaining native apps is a lot of work, not to mention the expenses involved that we can better use to put into the functionality of the App. 

People use different platforms (Android, iOS, etc.), so we have to code our app for each platform.

PWAs, however, don’t require you to code for each platform. They were designed with the philosophy of “code once, use everywhere.” Once you code your PWA, it can be used in-browser (as a website or web app), on desktops, and on mobile devices.

This often results in better performance, improved retention rates, and, ultimately, an affordable application offering our users a positive user experience (UX).

Bring Your Vision To Life

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Build an audience with free groups and offer paid group options.

Charge one-time payments for community access or for specific content, like courses or groups.

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Invite People To Engage

Place a link in an email, create a form for your website or invite people directly to the group.

It’s so easy, choose from

  • Personal invitations
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Manage and scale your community

With Hive, you’re equipped with the fundamental elements to swiftly manifest your community experience vision, all without the accompanying challenges and delays.

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