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Bring Your Vision To Life

Build your Hive community the way you want with the support applications you need.

Add your logo, your background color & your domain (coming), its just so easy to make it yours

Set up groups and make your first posts in minutes.

Build your Hive Community Builder

Grow Your Income

Build an audience with free groups and offer paid group options.

Charge one-time payments for community access or for specific content, like courses or groups.

Create a subscription-style membership, charge what you want and keep 100% of your income. 

Monetize your Hive Community Builder

Invite People To Engage

Place a link in an email, create a form for your website or invite people directly to the group.

It’s so easy, choose from

  • Personal invitations
  • Sending invitation links
  • Create a form
launch your Hive Community Builder

All Types of Hive Communities

Just Like Yours

Customer Communities


Cultivating a vibrant community holds significant potential for any brand. Embed your community directly within your product or website.

Membership Communities


Craft a membership experience that is unique. Subscriptions, restricted access to exclusive content, premium mastermind groups, paid newsletters, and more.

Coaching Communities


Offer group coaching sessions, valuable resources, real-time chat support, and a platform where your clients can engage with you on your preferred terms.

Brands & Startups

Brands & Startups

Establishing a dedicated community represents a formidable asset for any brand. Seamlessly incorporate your community directly into your website.

Course Communities

Course Communities

Build your course, grow your business, and engage your members

Clubs & Organisations

Clubs & Organisations

Bring people together to organise, share ideas, run events, and collaborate.

Get started in minutes

Bring your vision to life with Hive


Organised, easy to navigate and fun for your members

Start a community-powered course

Everything you need to run your business, all in one place.

That means one log-in for your students’ online courses, live sessions, and real-time chat.

Now, they can help those behind them, connect with those alongside them, and learn from those ahead of them.

Design your community areas in groups

Create groups to help members share ideas, get feedback, and host discussions.

Use Hive to share your content and post announcements.

Create private & secret spaces for groups

Provide access areas to different groups with private spaces and group chats.

Perfect for memberships, coaching groups, course creators, and more.

Rich posts & content

Posts come alive in Hive. Easily add rich formatting, media and embed your favourite 3rd-party tools.

Manage and scale your community

With Hive, you’re equipped with the fundamental elements to swiftly manifest your community experience vision, all without the accompanying challenges and delays.

Your vision for your community is paramount.


Monetise your community with flexible payments

Easily gate access and offer multiple tiers

Your business model needs flexibility.

With Hive, you can unlock access to different parts of your community based on the type of community that you run.

Great for memberships, coaching, courses, or more.

Flexible subscriptions, one-time payments & more

Offer monthly, quarterly, annual and weekly subscriptions.

Charge a one-time fee. Start accepting payments in minutes.

Offer easy upsells and cross-sells at the moment your customers are ready to buy

Give your students full access into your product suite so they can seamlessly move between courses, events, and the community that ties it all together.

Seal the deal with special promotions and free trials.

Create & Edit Your Business Applications in Hive Community

With Hive Community, you can manage all your business productivity requirements and needs in the one place, create relationships between them with user access levels.

Manage your Hive community and your business in the one location.

Connect to Your Favorite Tools

Google Drive
MS Office 365


Applications inside groups

Create any type of application

Create your own event management application, a CRM, project management or more with user level access


Create webforms for your website, support tickets or feedback that post the content into a user management system or CRM.

Create private & secret spaces for groups

Provide access areas to different groups with private spaces and group chats.

Perfect for memberships, coaching groups, course creators, and more.

Accelerate Production and Increase Revenue

Connect your business together

Build communities


Communication and Feedback

Get an all round view of your customers

Streamline the sales process to Improve your sales effectiveness

A complete solution to reduce IT complexity & costs

Pre-Built Templates

Quickly add Pre-Built Templates to a group in your Hive Community

Hive Security Practices

How we protect your data and privacy

No Code

Custom Solutions

Build almost any application with our drag n drop application builder
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